57 million infants were aborted since Roe v. Wade. That is the number we will have to wrestle with as a nation. Oh, we wrestle with it all right; by that, I mean we justify the horrific act by “woman’s rights”. This is how it goes: woman has a right to her own body, and she can decide whether to carry and give birth to the baby. Of course, we try to put some qualifications: the woman needs to be an adult, an underage would need her parent’s consent to abort the baby, etc. But at the end of the day, a woman’s right justify her choice to abort the unwanted baby.

One does not need a religious background to smell something wrong with this line of reasoning. It is to say the least: a simpleton’s argument. And if we are honest with our feelings, we know the deeper reason is more like the following:

  1. I love sex, sex bring me happiness, it made me feel loved and wanted. I want to have someone who adores me, who cherishes me, and having sex with someone I like/love/prefer is a happy, satisfying, wondrous thing.
  2. Unfortunately, although I know sex can produce babies, I still get pregnant by accident.
  3. Pregnancy is tiresome, nauseating, feet-swelling, expensive, and delivering and raising that baby is even more tiresome, and expensive, to the nth degree.
  4. Having a baby makes the man I love run away from me. Men don’t like women with babies, I will have less love, less sex, less money, less beautiful body, I would become a woman I don’t want to be: my mother.
  5. There must be a way to get rid of this “problematic byproduct” of sex, I just want sex, not babies. If prevention didn’t help, abortion seems to be the next “easy”, “clean”, and “healthy” way to get rid of my problem.
  6. Therefore, I am pro-choice, pro women’s right (ahem, actually, my right).

What other choice do we have? Deliver the baby and suffer the financial, familial, and life-long consequences?

There are multi-layered issues involved here. Simply making abortion illegal is not going to make this problem go away. Take a look at homicide rates, or arm-robberies. All these actions are illegal, but that does not make people less inclined to do them.

  1. First, the family/marriage stability issue. With such a high rate of adultery and divorce, how can a woman dare to dream to have a man whom she can love for life? How can she trust him to be present to care for her, provide for her and her children if she decides to give birth to the baby?
  2. Adultery is the direct cause of abortion, not women’s rights. Don’t place all the guilt on the women; where is the man? She can’t have pregnancies and commit adultery by herself. In John chapter 8, a woman who was caught in the act of adultery was brought to Jesus, and the crowd demanded justice from Jesus. The obvious question is: where was the guy when they ‘caught her in the act’?
  3. How do we as a community provide for the unwanted child if the mother decided to give birth to her? Do we simply say: oh well, you need to be responsible for your own decision? Can we as a church offer sympathy to sinners? How about funding adoption centers? How about providing food/child care assistance so the mother can still go to work while her child is cared for? Unless we reduce the immediate motivation for abortion, we will not be able to fully stem this problem/crime in our society.
  4. How do we reduce adultery/divorce rate? Ever since there was human society, there were adulteries. But can we reduce it? How? Less than giving people the gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit to regenerate their hearts, are there common-grace level of means to reduce divorce/adultery? Do we ban certain tv-shows, movies, novels, commercials that promote sex outside of marriage? Do we declare these things illegal to be more effective in reducing abortion, instead of permitting all these adultery inducers to have influence in the society?
  5. Banning movies and tv shows? Oh, yes, people will cry fault. What is this? 1645? North Korean regime? We are Americans. We are the embodiment of freedom: we promote human rights, we respect people’s choices, we are free individuals. No one gets to tell us what to read, what to watch, and what to listen to. However, isn’t this the same argument the women are using to abort babies? Why should man have all the fun, watch porn, have sex, get drunk, and walk away from it all, while the women had to suffer the lifelong consequences? They want the same freedom as well!
  6. Maybe, just maybe, the problem has to do with our view of freedom. I am not here promoting a dictatorship regime, but we cannot cast out all limitations to personal freedom and not create a mess at the same time. If there is a demand for freedom, there should also be a need for responsibilities. You make a girl pregnant? You marry her, you are not allowed to divorce her, you feed her and the baby, you go get 2 jobs, you work hard, to provide for your family. No society can survive without moral responsibilities. We need to reinstall moral norms in our university courses, grade school classes, and all levels of upbringing of our children.
  7. How about church? The Protestant/Evangelical churches are obsessed with one-dimensional church-growth: growth in number. Some churches mainly desire growth in number of attendance and amount of offerings. As the result, our messages became one-dimensional: sin/redemption (sin/repentance). The historical Christian church values sin/redemption, but also place great importance on loving our neighbors and caring for the poor, sick, and orphans. Historical churches build orphanages, hospitals, and schools; not big worship centers with loud music bands, with pastors dressing up in hip clothing speaking on ‘self-help’ topics. We are the problem. Churches are the problem, Pastors are the problem. Theologians are the problem. We have forsaken the Great Commission, to baptize and to teach the nations to trust and obey Jesus. Mainly, we have deserted the greatest commandment: to love God and love our neighbors. We are consumed with making our sanctuaries bigger and louder, turning our pulpits and classrooms into entertainment business. We as a church have failed America, and we have failed the women and children.

The state of New York legalizes late-term abortion, which angers many Christians nationwide. What can you and I do to reverse this trend, instead of just posting angry posts on our Facebook wall?