by John Newton 歌詞:約翰 牛頓 中文歌詞:彭加榮


I asked the Lord that I might grow 我懇求主,讓我成長

In faith and love and ev’ry grace, 信心和愛,一切恩典

Might more of His salvation know, 能更深認識,祂的救恩

And seek more earnestly His face. 並更懇切尋求祂面

‘Twas He who taught me thus to pray, 這是祂教我的禱告

And He, I trust, has answered prayer, 我也深信,祂已答應

But it has been in such a way 但祂答應我的方式

As almost drove me to despair. 讓我幾乎,完全絕望

 I hoped that in some favored hour 我原以為,在某時刻

At once He’d answer my request 祂會立刻,答應我求

And, by His love’s constraining pow’r, 以祂愛索,約束我心

Subdue my sins and give me rest. 壓制我罪,賜我安息

Instead of this, He made me feel 然而不是,我卻發現

The hidden evils of my heart 我心深處,深藏的惡

And let the angry pow’rs of hell 更讓地獄 兇猛權勢

Assault my soul in ev’ry part. 攻擊我靈,我魂我身

Yea, more with His own hand He seemed 我又發現,祂用祂手

Intent to aggravate my woe, 不斷增加我的困乏

Crossed all the fair designs I schemed, 毀掉人生美好計劃

Humbled my heart and laid me low. 使我卑微,讓我謙卑

“Lord, why is this,” I trembling cried; 為什麼主?我心顫抖

“Wilt Thou pursue Thy worm to death?” 你逼死的,是條蟲啊!

“’Tis in this way,” the Lord replied, 但主回答:「正是如此

“I answer prayer for grace and faith.” 我賜恩典,增加信心!」

“These inward trials I employ 「這些試煉,我加給你,

From self and pride to set thee free 使你不再,目中無人;

And break thy schemes of earthly joy 亂你地上所有喜樂,

That thou may’st find thy all in Me.” 使我成為,你的唯一。」